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Prerolls - Organically Grown and all natural

Prerolls - Organically Grown and all natural

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King size 1.5 gram & Standard size 1.0 gram premium prerolls made with only the best Organically grown and all natural hemp flowers.  We use only OCB brand unbleached and unrefined natural hemp papers.  You'll love how quick and effective these are at getting you going!  Great for many things from headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. These are 100% legal to ship to all 50 states.  Check the laws where you are for your own good.  You'll love the Euphoric, yet non-psychoactive effects.

These come in singles or 5 packs in "doob tubes". 

as well as 

10 pack in specialty bags


The "Big Boss" 18 pack in easy to carry metal tins.

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