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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Roll On - 10ml

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Roll On - 10ml

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10ml Topical Roll on bottle containing over 200mg of Full Spectrum Hemp oil making it over 2% Full Spectrum Oil.

This full spectrum oil was extracted naturally and locally with zero use of chemicals or solvents.  Even though it's a topical, it was still made with food grade hemp oil and with locally grown hemp.  Ingredients are Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil (coconut), and the various essential oil extracts listed below per scent.

Rub this on what hurts and give it just a few minutes to work it's magic.  In terms of Full Spectrum Oil per milligram this is the strongest product we make.  It's also helpful with psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

2 Scents to Choose From:

Spice - Wild Orange, Rosemary, Clove extracts

Zing - Sage, Pine, Peppermint extracts


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