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Delta 8 Oil Dropper
Delta 8 Oil Dropper

Delta 8 Oil Dropper

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Our Delta 8 droppers are made with three ingredients:  Delta 8, MCT (Coconut Oil) and light all natural flavoring.  

Delta 8 will cause drowsiness in higher doses so we recommend being very careful with your first use to ensure you get the right dosage.  We recommend no more than 1/2 a dropper for your first usage and to take it in the evening at least until you determine how the dosage affects you.  People respond differently and your size, weight, etc generally do not have any effect on dosage.  

Beneficial for a great nights sleep as well as pain management and anxiety as well as many other issues.  Please do your research as we cannot make health claims other than stating in what causes it can be beneficial.

One full dropper of the D8 Oil is 66mg!  

Comes in a 15ml bottle which contains 1000mg Delta 8 and a 30ml bottle which contains 2000mg Delta 8.  Please note, both bottles are the same strength just different sizes.

Available in 5 flavors:  Watermelon, Raspberry, Orange, Pear and Strawberry. 

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