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1000 mg Pain Relief Lotion

1000 mg Pain Relief Lotion

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We extract our own hemp all naturally in order to create an exceptional product.  Our hemp extract is high in CBDa unlike most other hemp based CBD products.  CBDa has been shown to have more of a beneficial effect on inflammation, pain and nausea than CBD.  So how to we get our CBDa?  Well, it's a natural compound in hemp plants unlike CBD.  When we produce our hemp extract, it's automatically high in CBDa and since we do not use any solvents or high heat during our extraction process our CBDa isn't converted to CBD.  CBDa is also more bioavailable than CBD so you waste less and get more in your bloodstream for the best effect.  See our article here to learn more about why CBDa is better!  However, we don't stop with CBDa, our hemp extract also includes CBD, CBCa, CBC, CBG, CBGa and CBDVa for a completely well rounded natural solution.

Other than 1000 mg of our all Full Spectrum Hemp extract we've also added PINE, MENTHOL, ROSEMARY, LEMON, PEPPERMINT, EUCALYPTUS, OREGANO, LAVENDER and SPEARMINT extracts for their beneficial properties and scents.

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