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CBD Coffee

CBD Coffee

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Introducing our new CBD Coffee K-Cups! Fresh 100% Arabica roasted coffee grounds, medium bodied with a heavy aroma and mixed with our kief powder taken from our all-natural and organically grown hemp flower!

True to our form this is Small Batch Coffee roasted in Floyd County by The Chantal Coffee Company.  It's roasted in a fluid bed roaster, which uses clean hot air to bring out the full flavor of the beans.  You will love the flavor the hemp imparts into this coffee.  Speaking of the coffee this is not run of the mill beans that we've just slapped some CBD oil into.  This is very high quality coffee beans that have been locally roasted to perfection and ground/packed in house. 

Provides all the benefits of caffeine without the jitters.  Each K-cup contains 20mg of CBD Kief and includes several other cannabinoids.   

Available in singles or six packs.  Look for new flavors of coffee as well as new strains of kief to be added very soon.

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