Our new Pain Relief Lotion is heavy on the CBDa.  Here's why we made it.

Our new Pain Relief Lotion is heavy on the CBDa. Here's why we made it.

I've discussed previously why we wanted to start making products using naturally extracted Hemp oil such as our new Roll-on and Lotion Pain Relievers.  Now that we have our lotion completed and listed on the website for sale it's time to go over why it works so well.

First off, CBD doesn't naturally come from hemp plants as you may have thought.  The natural compound in hemp that CBD is derived from is CBDa.  CBDa is generally converted to CBD during a process called decarboxylation which is a fancy way of saying applying a lot of heat.  We are not decarboxylating our hemp extract in our Roll-on or Lotion pain relievers.  You may ask why since CBD is all the rage.  Well, turns out CBDa is better for many things than CBD.

  • CBDa has greater bioavailability, so the body can metabolize the compound with less effort and in less time.
  • CBDa interacts with the endocannabinoid system by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme. COX-2 enzymes are associated with inflammation after an injury or infection, so by blocking COX-2 enzymes, CBDa can relieve inflammation and associated pain in a way that CBD cannot.
  • CBDa affected levels of serotonin, a chemical produced by nerve cells to aid in signaling between cells. Serotonin is vital to core human functions like motor skills, sleeping, eating, digestion, and emotions.
  • Scientists have demonstrated that CBDa can affect the body’s 5-HT serotonin-producing receptors, hinting at a potential use for CBDA as a medication for chemotherapy-induced nausea/vomiting (CINV) and other conditions that induce these symptoms. However, more research is needed.

If these points where not enough to consider CBDa over CBD for many issues, you should also be aware that our hemp extract is created without the use of any solvents and is a natural process.  It's better for you and the environment.

Our new lotion has 1000 mg's of our natural hemp extract for $50 and is available now in 4oz bottles.  It has PINE, MENTHOL, ROSEMARY, LEMON, PEPPERMINT, EUCALYPTUS, OREGANO, LAVENDER and SPEARMINT extracts each having it's own beneficial effects.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in testing and completing our new lotion formula.  It's your feedback that is critical in our new product process.

Find our lotion here: https://floydhempfactory.com/collections/topicals/products/1000-mg-pain-relief-lotion

More info at the source: https://www.leafly.com/news/cbd/what-is-cbda-cannabidiolic-acid-marijuana-cannabinoid

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In response to Charlie’s Question above…
es, CBDa is great orally.  Being 18X more bioavailable for your body means you get much more for your money since more of it gets used by your body.  The lotion and roll-on are both high CBDa products for topical use and we will be coming out with a new 5,000 mg cbd oil in the next week or two.  Currently our rosin dabs on the website under smokeable is also great to make your own edibles and even CBDa oil from by adding some coconut oil to your desired strength. It’s 55% CBDa so the 2gram container will make oil or edibles that have over 1200mg of CBDa for only $30. Thanks a lot for  your comment and question.


Hemp with CBDA can be taken orally?? Or do you just use the lotion ? I have neuropathy and arthritis . What do you recommend? Thank you

Charlie Ringlehan

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